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To try to explain what a memory is, we have different ways of looking at it. For example to get an image of what memories are, we can look at it as palace, where there are different rooms where we store and save memories. Other techniques can be to look at memories like a book, that lets us browse though our memories. Nor technology or humans stores exact and precise memories. Every time we think of a memory, we create a new memory, this allows us to change our own memories, this is something I find very interesting, and I will come back to this later on.

We divide memories in 3 main categories:

SENSORY MEMORY - is what we remember through our senses, seeing, touching, hearing, tasting ect.

SHORT TERM MEMORY - which is the working memory, what we think of right now. But you can also store things from you short term to your long term memory.

LONG TERM MEMORY - is the inactive memory, every time you retrieve a memory from here, you create a new memory of that memory.

My notes and ideas: NOTESJR.jpg


This was an intense workshop where we learned a lot in a short period of time. I was in the weaving group, where we used a copper thread to connect bits together so that information could be sent though them. It was incredible to see that some of the core memories we build actually worked in the end.

CMW1.jpg CMW2.jpg

CMW3.jpg CMW3.jpg


We worked with haptic memory, which is memory through touch. I wrote down some questions that interest me with haptic memory: Can you touch a memory? Can you save a memory by touching it? Kelly and me where interested in the fact that memories always change, therefore we wanted to make something that changes when you touch it, and never goes back to the starting point. The idea was to visualize how memory works.

Reseach and Inspiration:


Skjermbilde1.png Skjermbilde2.png Skjermbilde3.png


We discovered that using heat sensitive paint, it would only change for a short while, and then go back to the beginning. So we decided to make it digital. This is a visualization of how our project look like. The program will be running in the back of your computer, and remember where you move your mouse and where you klikk.

Følging1.png Følging2.png

Følging3.png Følging4.png