Selection of Student Projects 2016-2019

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Why a wiki?

The wiki is an ongoing document, throughout the whole Quarter, that will be presented and/or discussed at different stages of the process. It will be the result of research, concept development, tests, experimentation, workshops...

The content should be visual (collected images, mapping ideas etc, animations, interactive experiments, your own sketches), textual (collecting articles, quotes, creating keywords, adding links and references) and material (documentation of the tests and experiments from your own project, your first models, prototypes etc.).

In all cases, make sure you add your own descriptions and explanations, giving insight into your thoughts regarding both ideas, knowledge, skills and execution.

The goal of the wiki is manifold:

  1. a place to keep track of your process
  2. to offer a thinking framework within which to develop your projects both individually and collectively
  3. to be a resource that aids you in your concept development, design, planning and realization.
  4. to offer a context that enables you to collect and organize the research and design process both individually and collectively.
  5. it's a tool that helps to communicate about your project to others, at different moments throughout the process, about concept; decisions; planning (plan van aanpak) and final outcome.
  6. to be a source of your own material and content from which you can select and and which you can reorganize for specific presentations.